* Gets the number of cores available in this device, across all processors.
* Requires: Ability to peruse the filesystem at "/sys/devices/system/cpu"
* @return The number of cores, or 1 if failed to get result
private int getNumCores() {
//Private Class to display only CPU devices in the directory listing
class CpuFilter implements FileFilter {
public boolean accept(File pathname) {
//Check if filename is "cpu", followed by a single digit number
if(Pattern.matches("cpu[0-9]", pathname.getName())) {
return true;
return false;

try {
//Get directory containing CPU info
File dir = new File("/sys/devices/system/cpu/");
//Filter to only list the devices we care about
File[] files = dir.listFiles(new CpuFilter());
//Return the number of cores (virtual CPU devices)
return files.length;
} catch(Exception e) {
//Default to return 1 core
return 1;
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