Xcode 一个强大的代码自动完成插件:FuzzyAutocomplete


FuzzyAutocomplete 是 Xcode 一个强大的代码自动完成插件,它利用Xcode用于其快速打开的算法,这在模式匹配方面做得很出色。它工作得非常,非常好。


  • Xcode's autocompletion matches like Open Quickly does
  • Supports Xcode's learning and context-aware priority system
  • [New] [Experimental] Corrects word order for you (eg. rangemake vs makerange)
  • [New] [Experimental] Auto-corrects case when pressing space (eg. CGFLoat)
  • [New] Visualizes matches in Completion List and Inline Preview
  • [New] Easily customizable via a Settings Window (Editor > FuzzyAutocomplete)
  • [New] [Optional] Sorts items by their score for easier searching
  • [New] [Optional] Hides items based on a threshold for less clutter
  • [New] [Optional] Shows the query and number of matches in Header View
  • [New] [Optional] Shows match scores for items in the List
  • [New] Selects prev/next completion with shortcuts (default ⌃> / ⌃.)
  • [Optional] Treats first few query letters as a required prefix
  • Productivity++

Xcode 一个强大的代码自动完成插件:FuzzyAutocomplete


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