Xcode 插件集合


Xcode插件已经越来越不得到苹果的支持,并且随着Xcode 4的发布许多老的插件已经停止更新了。


Here are the plug-ins:

CodePilot - Allows you to quickly search through Xcode projects using keywords allowing you to quickly search and navigate through an Xcode project. Formerly paid plugin now open source and working with Xcode 5.

ClangFormat-Xcode – A plugin that allows you to format code using the Clang Format tool allowing you to chose from a number of preset configurations or your own.

XToDo – A plugin that provides an interface allowing you to jump through todo’s, within your code labeled by your comments.

XCAddedMarkup - A plugin that allows you enabling display of images and hyperlinks within your code using a special markup syntax.

XAlign – A plugin for aligning your code automatically in user definable ways with a number of sample alignments such as align to first euqals included.

ShowInGithub – An Xcode plugin allowing you to quickly jump to the corresponding location for a line or block of code on Github or Bitbucket.

KFCocoaPods – A plugin for working with Cocoapods providing easy downloading and updating of CocoaPods, podfile editing with code completion, and CocoaPods output in the console.  (Xcode 5 tested)

SCXCodeMiniMap – Creates a minimap of your code adjusting the color of the currently visible area of the editor so you can quickly see where you are within your code.

Injection - Allows you to inject code in real-time to an app running in the simulator or device  so that you can tweak your code without recompiling.  Formerly a paid plugin, but now available as open source.

Xcode Fixins - A collection of plugins for minimizing distractions in Xcode, and fixing code completion.

XVim - Adds many Vim keybindings to Xcode.

Mini-Xcode - Allows you to remove the large Xcode IDE toolbar to save screen space providing mini scheme and device selection.

ColorSense - Provides a color picker for adjustments when you highlight a UIColor or NSColor within your code.

BBUncrustifyPlugin -Enables easy use of the Uncrustify code beautification tool.

Lin - Provides a neat interface directly within Xcode to make working with NSLocalizedString easier.

KSImageNamed - Provides auto completion for UIImage imageNamed: within your code by scanning through image files within your workspace.

HOStringSense - Provides a call out bubble in which you can work with an unescaped version of a string.

XcodeColors - Allows you to color code messages in the debugging console so you can make errors stand out and easily separate different messages from differing parts of your code.

AutoresizeMask - Allows you to visualize your autoresizing masks within code.

JDListInstalledPlugins - Allows you to list your installed plugins, and one click remove.

Alcatraz - Provides easy install/removal of Xcode plugins, color schemes, and templates.  A newer project so there is not too much in there, but a good idea.


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