iOS 下载管理器:IADownloadManager


IADownloadManager 是 iOS 的下载管理器,可实现同时和按顺序逐个下载文件。

  • Easy to integrate and use iOS download manager.
  • Easily download file with the very robust AFNetworking library.
  • Deal only with NSURL, you will never have to keep strong or weak references of the Download managers.
  • Download files in sequential and parallel order.
  • Make sure each file (NSURL) is being downloaded only once.
  • Have multiple listener/delegates on a single download operation.
  • Download operation unique by URL, never download a URL twice.
  • Cache the downloaded file in Memory and on Disk using EGOCache.
  • Easily add and remove listeners to observe the download operations.
  • Singleton classes for fast access and minimum memory overhead.
  • Ensure that the UI Thread is never blocked.
  • Delegate or Block event callbacks.
  • All of the above in two lines of code.

iOS 下载管理器:IADownloadManager


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