Swift 编写的漂亮的警告视图:SCLAlertView-Swift


SCLAlertView-Swift 是用 Swift 编写的漂亮动画警告视图。易于使用:

// Get started
let alertview : SCLAlertViewResponder = SCLAlertView().showSuccess(self, title: "Hello World", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive text.")
// Upon displaying, change/close view
alertview.setTitle("New Title") // Rename title
alertview.setSubTitle("New description") // Rename subtitle
alertview.close() // Close view
// Alternative alert types
SCLAlertView().showError(self, title: "Hello Error", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive error text.") // Error
SCLAlertView().showNotice(self, title: "Hello Notice", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive notice text.") // Notice
SCLAlertView().showWarning(self, title: "Hello Warning", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive warning text.") // Warning
SCLAlertView().showInfo(self, title: "Hello Info", subTitle: "This is a more descriptive info text.") // Info
// Advanced
view: self, // Parent view controller
title: "Congratulations", // Title of view
subTitle: "Operation successfully completed.", // String of view
duration: kDefaultAnimationDuration, // Duration to show before closing automatically, default: 2.0
completeText: "Done", // Optional button value, default: ""
style: .Success // Styles - see below.

Swift 编写的漂亮的警告视图:SCLAlertView-SwiftSwift 编写的漂亮的警告视图:SCLAlertView-Swift



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