Java多播事件总线 Avis


Avis 是一个多播事件总线。它提供了一个快捷的发布/订阅事件的路由服务。

  • Fast broadcast message delivery. No requirement to support transactions or persistence, plus concise message selection allows near real-time delivery.

  • Flexible message format. Messages are just name-value pairs.

  • Content-based subscription. Select messages using subscription expressions like From == 'logger' && Severity > 3 or(string (Message) && Timeout > 0) || regex (Message, 'News:.*').

  • Federation of multiple message routers. Replicate selected messages between any configuration of routers to form local and wide-area message networks.

  • Security. Supports per-subscription access control and SSL/TLS client/server authentication and encryption.

  • Simplicity. No external dependencies and no configuration required. Avis runs on any platform that supports Java 5 or later.

  • Client libraries for Java and C. Write Avis clients for a wide variety of platforms.

Java多播事件总线 Avis


Elvin elvin = new Elvin ("elvin://elvin_router");
Notification ntfn = new Notification ();

ntfn.set ("Status-Message", 1000);
ntfn.set ("Host-Name", hostName ());
ntfn.set ("Department",  lookupDepartment ());
ntfn.set ("Percent-Disk-Free", diskFreePercentage ());

elvin.send (ntfn);

elvin.close ();


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